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ABRP status page (independently hosted) would be helpful

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Most online services reach the point where they become mission-critical for some user, in some time zone.  It's important for the user to have immediate access to determine whether a problem is local or at the server end; and a single place where estimated fix time can be shown.

I don't believe there is a current status page for ABRP, unless I've failed to find it.

One example product to do this is statuspage.io (I have no connection, that's just one illustration but a well-known one).

Far better than asking users to check Twitter, forums etc -- for a start, it doesn't require humans to manually post when a problem is detected in the infrastructure.  And it gives users positive reassurance about service quality when there is a good uptime record.

Of course, the status page needs to be hosted on completely separate infrastructure from ABRP app and ABRP forum, so the status page itself does not go down when there is a service incident.

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