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Closed Road data availability and map changes roundtrip time.



I used ABRP, and we hit a few road closes which the build in satnav, google and apple all knew of.
It would be great to have at least a list of areas for where closed roads are supported (Germany don't seem to be included).

On the other hand, I looked one of them up and the road close was in the data of OSM, so maybe a faster roundtrip time for map updates (ideally daily or less) would at least in parts weaken the issue. I would guess right now that the current roundtrip time for map data is ~2weeks as there were some changes made 3 weeks ago and they are respected in ABRP but the ones made 1,5 weeks ago aren't.


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I got premium, and real-time traffic works fine. Closed Roads on the other hand, let me say, could be improved by HERE if they provide it for Germany. Which is odd as I think the build in satnav uses HERE as well.

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