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CarPlay Dashboard Support

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Description:  Apple CarPlay has a dashboard which ABRP could be integrated as well.

Use Case: Right now, if you leave the navigation ABRP disappears from the top three on the left and if you go onto the Dashboard screen it is not integrated there and the lased used integrated service is shown. If this is implemented, you have a better overview, and it would be faster to get back to the navigation.

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This would be a fantastic feature. As a long time car play user and relatively new EV driver, it is a massive pain to have to swap between the "full screen" ABRP and music/phone on car play.


Is it difficult to enable this in dashboard mode?

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I just signed up for premium last night and was confused when this wasn't there. 

Didn't realize it had to be implemented separately.

I mostly use the dashboard view so I have access to my Audible controls as well..

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