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Dan Boone

Premium Subscription


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Hi @Dan Boone,

I've had a look at this and it seems there are two accounts associated with your name;

1. Non-premium registered with the same email address as the one you're using here on the forum

2. Premium, subscribed through the app store in March 2021, uses apple ID as login method

#2 hasn't been used for quite some time however #1 has been used to create plans recently. If you instead use apple ID for logging into the app you should be able to access the subscribed account. If you'd like to log into the account in the web version, you may;

A) After you've logged into the iOS app, use the QR code login method

B) Do a password reset by selecting 'forgot your password?' and then set a regular password for the account. It should be noted however that the user id that gets set for an account created with Apple ID is an anonymous forwarding email created by apple consisting of a long string of letters and ending in '@privaterelay.appleid.com'. 

You can find this in; Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Hide My Email > ABRP

But it may be easier to simply log into the app using Apple ID and then change the email (which is used as user id)

tag me with @ and let me know if you need any further assistance!


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Katya, works!

One glitch: had to setup the revised premium account with another email address and now both accounts only access the "saved" route in the premium which has only one route. Is there a way I can access my routes developed in the non premium account?

Not a big deal if I can't.

Thanks for your help,


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Hi @Dan Boone,

Excellent to hear!

Not directly. But you could generate links to the plans on your non-premium account and then open them and save the loaded plan when being logged into your subscribed account, like this (easiest to do on web):

1. When logged into your non-premium account, go into saved plans and load a saved one.

2. Click share > share ABRP link to copy the link to your clipboard

3. If there are several plans it can be convenient to paste the links in a text document (perhaps with some notes beside them for naming when you open them later)

4. Log out of the non-premium account, log into your premium account and paste a plan link in your browser.

5. When loaded, click 'save > save as new plan'. It'll be placed at the end of the list of saved plans and you may edit the name directly by clicking the edit button to the right of the current plan name.

Alternatively, you can send a message to support through the app/website using your premium account and we'll transfer them for you. Response time is currently a bit higher than usual so if there are only a few plans you need to transfer, the diy fix above might be a quicker option.

If you however also have a linked vehicle you need transferred, please contact support.


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