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"Dog walkability" as a planning criterion

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a) Users should be able to leave feedback about how well suited a charging station is for walking a dog while charging. The data collected could be:

  • Is it easy to reach a somewhat quiet walking path, forest road or something like that?
  • Is the charging area very loud or is fast traffic directly near the charging bays?
  • upload pictures of that area so future users can judge if that's fine for them
  • vote on previous user feedback, so changes on the ground get reflected quickly

b) The results should be usable as a filter while planning trips.

  • a stop after a certain, selectable travel time should try to match a dog friendly station
  • "how far to deviate from the route to match this" should probably be customizable as well
  • "how long does my dog need to walk" should influence the selection of charger for that stop, potientially preferring a lower power charger on a better site over an ultrafast charger directly in an industrial area, e.g.

Use Case: 

Whenever I'm driving any longer distance, I have my dog with me. So far, that involves careful planning at my start point using satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap and ABRP in order to find stops where my dog can (maybe) stretch his legs and cycle fluids. For us, the ideal time between those is about two hours, but that will vary for other people and their dogs. Any change in the driving plan that would simply be a "replan" in ABRP alone turns into quite a bit of work, involving two phones and basically going through the entire process again - but without the relatively good usability of a desktop computer.

So far, no planning application that I know of solves this problem for people travelling with their dogs.

Example for a "dog friendly station":


  • easy access to the woods, just go across the lawn behind the chargers, carry your dog across a cattle grid and you're in the middle of the forest
  • there is no fast traffic near the chargers
  • outside area is a large, quiet forest area that allows for a good walk

Example for a "not dog friendly station":


  • chargers in the middle of a busy rest area with traffic on all sides
  • entire area is fenced off, no easy on foot access to the outside
  • outside is an industrial area anyway, no place to walk
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