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e-Golf (Bj. 2015, 24.2 kWh) and ABRP Life Data Connection via Torque Pro

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After I didn't find a single entry in the internet about the connection to the e-Golf (Bj. 2015), I created the PID file for Torque Pro.

If anyone of you has or finds out more pids for the e-Golf (Bj. 2015), please add them here in the forum.

In torque pro konfiguration upload the PIDs are beginning with "001_" and the GPS-Pids (see screenhot).

Notice that the parameters did not quite match the newer model from 2017.


If you are doing well, feel free to write.







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14 hours ago, Samuel-ABRP said:

Also check ABetterObdReader on google, also has basic support for eGolf.

I have tried ABetterObdReader before some weeks ago, and the PIDs doesn't work with the e-Golf Bj. 2015.

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