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Planned SoC going down significantly during the journey?


I love using ABRP but I have a big problem.

Most of the time planned SoC matches my 24kWh Leaf. I have adjusted the efficiency to 230wH/mile which matches Nissan's reported efficiency. I have set it to arrive with 10% charge in case of broken chargers.

Most of this works fine. However, occasionally towards the end of the journey the SoC planned SoC started dropping really quickly (without me touching the adjusted SoC - as if it has miscalculated the last section, because the car SoC is matching. Twice now this has led to turtling to a charging station or home because ABRP suddenly realises the SoC is insufficient and comes up with a warning saying no viable route available.

ABRP is not connected to the car and there aren't significant weather changes.

What I would like to know is why is the planned SoC changing if I am on route and not exceeding speed limits? I would have thought planned SoC should almost never change, certainly not in the last ten kilometres or so. As you probably know the charging curve on the Gen 1 Leaf is rubbish and so I don't want to charge much before 10%, but likewise there is not a huge amount extra to play with once beyond 10%.

Thanks in advance for any pointers. Note this happens on trips with no planned chargers (but arriving home with <15% charge) so I don't think it is an issue with charger settings.

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