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Johan lundborg

Bee / Mer chargers not connected Sweden

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Sweden: Bee chargers do not exist anymore they are Mer chargers. (I know you read from database but is there no update here?)

bee (mer) also show up as not connected (Unknown). However they do show up in chargefinder fine with current status. (I seen a couple of Audi dealers with new MER chargers and those seem to be correct. (I don't want to go charge at Audi though)

As i prefer to use Mer (subscription option in Sweden) would be great to have this updated. Also when i plan any route using these charges it estimates very long charging times. (1h for 31-32kwh) on 50kw chargers. I have a connected Citroën e C4 in the app.

Other 50kw network charger seem to show shorter (hopefully) more realistic charging times. (Just had the car a week so can't tell yet)



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