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Does ABRP Consider Charging Cost When Planning Trip?

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The number of fast DC charging options is growing. In addition to Tesla Super Chargers, I can now charge at Electrify America (CHAdeMO) chargers. Also, Tesla is supposed to be offering a CCS adapter in the near future.  If I enable all 3 of these networks in ABRP, how will it chose?  If there are different sets of chargers that result in about the same trip duration, will ABRP then consider the the total charging cost for each charger combination? 

I'm curious, but also a little concerned because I know ABRP hasn't been able to get accurate real-time pricing for Tesla chargers.

I always want to minimize my trip time, but if the time is the about the same, I'd rather hit the chargers that minimize my total charging cost for the trip.

Prices ABRP has for Tesla Superchargers are usually low, sometimes significantly.  This would cause ABRP to recommend Tesla chargers even when other chargers might make for a cheaper trip.

Appreciate any thoughts and/or feedback.

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