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Possible summer/winter time confusion when planning route in future

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Description:  The current time zone in most of Europe is CEST (UTC+2). When planning a route at a future date with a specific start time when the time zone will be CET (UTC+1), the start time set in the start point, and the start time in the final planned route are not equal. For example, setting the start date/time to the 11th of November, 7:00AM will result in a start time of 8:00AM in the planned route.
Type: Can reproduce on the android app (4.0.57 (563)) and the web page
Replication Steps:
  1. Plan a route in the future with a Summer/WInter time change between the current date and the trip date
  2. Set start time on the plan
  3. Observe that the start time in the finished route is different from the start time set in 2 (in my case, by one hour)
If you observe the above plan after the winter time change in 2021 (which will be on October 31st), the bug may no longer appear.
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