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Guidepoint screws up time calculations

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Description: Once I add a guidepoint to a route, it's arrival time slips by e.g. 53 minutes
Type:  Webpage, App (4.0.57, Android)
Replication Steps:
  1. choose random car
  2. chose random start- and endpoint (close enough so no recharge is needed, same with recharges though
  3. set start time to 00:00
  4. set a guidepoint (not waypoint) somewhere on the expected route
  5. calculate route
  6. find that arrival time calculated is later than start time plus calculated travel time
In my exaple, travel time is 1h28m, start time is 00:00 (12:00 AM), arrival time is 02:21 AM though. So magically, 53 minutes are added
* With a waypoint rather than a guidpoint added, arrival time is correctly calculated as 01:28 AM
* With NO waypoint nor guidepoint added, arrival time is correctly calculated as 01:26 AM (the detour on the service station for guide- and waypoint is calculated with 2 minutes loss it seems, which is not a problem, of course).
Guidepoints are points to have a preferred route being routed through, stops are not intended. For a planned stop, I'd be using a waypoint rather than a guidepoint and add a specific planned stop time. I'm sure this is a bug rather than a feature. Seen this for a long time, so I decided to post it here, because it always makes calculations difficult, when I use guidepoints.
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Found the reason:

Left (first) pic, using a guide point: ABRP uses the full time until the next charging stop (or way point) to be displayed as the time from the previous point to the guide point. Then ist adds the time from the guide point to the next stop another time. In my example, it's 1h28m from Hamburg to Hanover in total, but calculated as the time needed from Hamburg to Bispingen (guide point). Then, the calculated time from Bispingen to Hanover is calculated once again and added to the arival time. On the right (second), a way point is used instead, resulting in the first time from Hamburg to Bispingen to be calculated correctly (35min rather than the full 1h28m), thus the correct times for arrival are calculated here.

Unfortunately, the ABRP team doesn't seem to have picked up on this topic yet. But I see the reason, as they're busy with the redesign (which mostly, I like).


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