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Calibrated Reference Consumption no longer displayed in browser, or on iOS app

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Description: The Calibrated Reference Consumption is no longer displayed in the web browser (tried Safari and Chrome on two different computers) or the iPhone app
Type: App v4.0.56 (533) and web browser
Link to Plan: No relevant, as the issue is seen with every plan
Replication Steps:
  1. Log into ABRP
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select "Detailed" and "Automatic Settings"
  4. Note that the "Reference Consumption" box is empty.  In the past, this would show the Calibrated Reference Consumption for this car (Tesla Model 3).


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Update - I reconnected the car to MyTesla, and now the Calibrated Reference Consumption is displayed again.  I had enabled MyTesla for a few days many months ago, but found that the car would not sleep when ABRP was connected to MyTesla, so I changed the password on the Tesla account to force a disconnection.  This allowed the car to start sleeping again.  The Calibrated Reference Consumption continued to be displayed, and updated, for many months even though ABRP was not connected to MyTesla.

I'll try MyTesla data again.  Hopefully whatever issue was keeping the car awake has been corrected.

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