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Starting next leg of trip?

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Yesterday I had a longish day of driving. It was a kind of a round trip with two destinations before returning to home. I planned the whole trip as a round trip in ABRP. When I started the drive to the second destination, ABRP initially tried to get me back to the first. As I was in an unknown city, I had no other option then to use Google Maps to get me going. Did I miss something? Is there a way of telling ABRP to start the next leg of the trip?

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Same thing again today. It would be helpful to get a response to this post. Today I had a plan with a charging stop. When arriving at the charger, I was nicely informed on how long to charge. After charging, ABRP kept trying to get me back to the charger. Frustrated I started Google Maps. I really want to like ABRP but this doesn't help.

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