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Always stops routing at exactly the same position

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Description: Every week I drive this plan. And every time when I'm almost at my destination, ABRP stops the whole navigation. Sometimes it stops working at all. Most of the time though, the plan just disappears and ABRP is idle.
Type: Android Auto
Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=eacd1671-6361-49c6-b285-df8f7a61d370  
Replication Steps:
  1. Drive the plan on Android Auto
  2. Here: 51.85185928028247, 4.317240799638552 the plan disappears
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There is a logic that stops navigation when it thinks you arrived at your destination. It seems you stop before that turn and you are already in the area that is considered as arrival zone. Looks like we need to look into that again. Thanks for reporting.


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