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Rick B

ABRP Standard (free version) will not load on Tesla browser, forced to use ABRP Lite

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I am trying to use the ABRP using the web browser in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 navigation; I have the connectivity option which includes the web browser.  When I opened ABRP in the web browser (https://abetterrouteplanner.com) I get a message "A Better Routeplanner really does not work well in the Tesla browser - try ABRP Lite version instead and use the smartphone app for advanced planning!"  The Tesla browser then switches to the Lite version and I cannot see any way to force it to use the standard version
Using the Lite version I entered in my destination and obtained the same initial results as I did on my home computer.  However I am not yet comfortable with a route plan resulting in me arriving at charging locations in the low 10% charge levels.  So using the full ABRP version on my computer I adjusted the charging to provide charge levels above 16% when arriving at a charge location.   When I tried to make the same adjustments in my Tesla using ABRP Lite by clicking on the setting (gear) icon at individual charging locations the detailed entry would not come up and allow me to make the adjustments.
1.   Is it correct that the standard ABRP does not work well in the Tesla browser?  
2.  Do I need ABRP Premium in order for the Tesla browser to not switch to the ABRP Lite version? 
3.  If the standard ABRP (free) does work fine is there a way to force the Tesla browser to allow its use?
4.  Is there a way to make charging level adjustments in the Lite version?
Thanks all.
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