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Weird login issue

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I created a normal (not premium) login on a web browser (Google Chrome on Linux) to ABRP. All seems fine. Can even link to my Tesla 3LR.
I have the ABRP App on Android. The app seems to work fine and exactly as expected.
However, I cannot login on the App on my phone. It says wrong email or password.
If I reset the password using the app, I get the email to reset and that works okay in that I can login from the web browser with the changed password. But I still cannot login from the App.
If I say to create a new account on the App, it says account with that email address already exists.
I'm very puzzled by this. Also I've tried copy/paste as well as manual entry for the password with no success.
The problem seems to be with the App not web browser usage.

Any suggestions or fixes gratefully received.
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Okay, it appears that the App and the web login have different rules for the password.

Passwords such as "zUuSVcQXFjZGM&&sU6E5$r5m" did not work.

I created a simpler password with 7 letters and three numerals and that works okay- can login on both devices.

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