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Live data on an iPhone?

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Morning all,

I am trying to see if I can get live data from the OBP port on my iPace into ABRP but using an iPhone.

All the reading I did last night and this morning seemed to give me lots of Android apps, but I've not found an iOS one.

Is there an iOS app that people know of that is able to connect to the OBP port and feed live data into ABRP?

I've asked the developers of these 3 apps so far!

  • Car ScannerELM - supports logging but not uploading at the moment
  • OBDFusion - awaiting reply
  • Incardoc - awaiting reply, seems to support uploading to their portal at the moment.
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On 10/6/2021 at 1:12 PM, BarryH said:

Evnotify works on iPhone. Only be aware that it needs to be in the foreground to keep running. Can be combined with running ABRP on carplay.


Thanks Barry, just noticed in your signature that you have Evnotify on Android 8 to upload live data, is that because the iOS version cannot send live data to ABRP? That is the key bit I am trying to do without having to have an Android and an iOS device running all the time!!

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I use indeed an android phone to read the obd2. My iphone is only an SE 2016. And when I set this up carplay was not  yet supported.

Since carplay is supported I learned from other users the setup mentioned above.

Did not migrate myself yet

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@BarryH any ideas which OBD dongles will work with iPhone? I seem to remember reading something about it needing to be BLE? Got an Enyaq on the way and looking possibly at using Tronity but a subs free way would be ideal as we wont need it all that much (most driving will be from the door, back to the door without the need for a charge). 

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