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Calibrated reference consumption 440Wh/km and climbing



With the help from the guys at ipaceforum.co.uk I have managed to set up Livelink from my Jaguar I-Pace to OBDII to Torque Pro to ABRP. This works great and reliably.

I have used ABRP+Torque Pro on our 3000km trip to Spain and back and had a great experience. If the solution predicted that we would arrive at the charger with 11% SoC, then exactly that would happen, taking into account weather, terrain, wind, speed and so on.

One major caveat though: the ABRP calibrated reference consumption algorithm is way off, unusably, laughably so...
The default setting (without Livelink) for our I-Pace is a consumption of 262Wh/km at 110kmh, far too high. If I change that manually to 215Wh/km I was getting super predictable results for long distance travel.
With Livelink, ABRP is supposed to learn your car. And indeed, in the first few days (before the long trip) the livelink-based reference consumption dropped from 262Wh/km down to 195 then rose again and settled around 214. That was promising.
However, on our long trip the calculated consumption went higher, higher, higher... In the end it exceeded 440Wh/km! And at the same time, with the reference consumption manually set to 215, the reality matched the ABRP prediction exactly...


I have reset the calibrated reference consumption, it jumps back to 262 and climbs from there...

How can we sort this out?

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Charging is needed to calibrate the consumption? 

In my E-Niro (2021) it says a calibrated comsumption of 212wh/km at 85% slow, 79% middle, 66% fast. 

On by onboard computer it says 154wh/km - manually set consumption to 160wh/km gets a good result for planning.

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No, but if a charging session is not marked as such and we do not recognize it, it could have an impact on the personal consumption model.

Don't compare board computer to ABRP, it's a different number. ABRP ref consumption is an average consumption when continuously driving 110, where your board computer is the average consumption over all speeds.

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