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Clermont-Ferrand Supercharger - CCS only?

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Hello! I have been using ABRP for a while, but I am new to the forum. Not sure if this is the right place to ask the question. I am planning a trip from Aarau, CH to Irun, Spain. When I plan trip using directions in my Tesla Model S with Type 2 charger (2018, 75D), it shows a stop at the Tesla Supercharger in Clermont-Ferrand. However when planning the trip with ABRP, this charger is not considered as it is displayed as a CCS charger only. Would Tesla display a non-available supercharger? I have never had problems with that before, and I know there are CCS chargers close by where I live which are not listed in my Tesla. Any ideas?

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I just tried planning the same route and got the same results as you. The Clermont-Ferrand Supercharger is NOT CCS only yet ABRP is treating it as if it is.  Appears to be an error in the ABRP data, not Tesla's.


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