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Return trip routing does not make sense


Planning a trip to the shore.  Home to waypoint to home.  

Arrive at waypoint [shore] with 51% est. battery.  Return trip [waypoint to home] ABRP planning suggests roundabout [significantly longer-65 miles] route despite the availability of charging opportunities if returning by the shorter/first leg route. Has me charging in New Castle on the return leg.

Adding a second waypoint to charge enough to get me to any of the chargers on the west side of the bay, thus avoiding going up and over, ABRP is still recommending the longer route, but charging at a different stop, a bit closer to home.  Rosedale instead of New Castle.

Even when planning to charge enough at the second waypoint to avoid having to stop on the remaining leg home, ABRP still recommends a much longer route

Any suggestions...particularly about what I might be doing wrong?  

Settings for avoiding tolls, ferries, highways, etc. are not enabled.

Edit:  Middle image is original route planned. Top image is adding a short charging stop early along return trip.  Bottom image, with reduced power leg, is adding a long charge stop early along return leg





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