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All type 2 AC chargers have disappeared


ABRP is not showing any type 2 AC chargers anymore
Type: app and webpage
Link to Plan: chargers seem to be gone in at least Vienna, Austria and in Budapest, Hungary. 
Replication Steps:
  1. Open ABRP either app or on the webntry
  2.  Try to locate any type 2 AC charger
  3. None is visible. Only DC chargers are on the map.

Chargers used to be on the map, and I could also tap on them, choose them as a destination etc. But now they are simply not there.

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Type2 chargers are visible for me. Could you please try again? Maybe there was a charger database update during that time.

Another possible reason might be the charger level that is set up. If it is set to street level, you will only see them when zoomed in quite a bit.

If there is anything specific missing please provide the location and information on the charger.


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