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How to get the navigation map to show in heading-up mode?


When running ABRP in my Tesla browser, I never paid much attention to the navigation map because frankly it wasn't that usable or it was very laggy. 

On a recent trip, however, and maybe it's the "lite" version, I found that the navigation map looks like it could be usable, and with the "Detailed Mode" data on the left side of the screen, I'm very happy to give it a shot.

However, I could not figure out how to get the navigation out of "North Up" mode, which frankly, again puts the navigation map into the unusable category for me.  When driving, I really need to see "Heading Up" mode so I can avoid having to do the mental arithmetic to figure out intersections when I'm on a non-north heading.  For a route overview, North-Up is okay (and even preferred). But while in a drive, Heading-Up is the more appropriate display paradigm.

I the "Mode" popup, I see buttons labeled "North" and "Rotate", but pushing these buttons did not seem to have any effect.  Should they have done something to the navigation display?  How can I get the map to display in Heading-Up mode while in driving mode?

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