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ABRP (lite?) crashes Tesla in-car browser

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Description: On a trip this past weekend, the Tesla in-car browser kept crashing while running ABRP.  It would work fine for 5-10 minutes and then the browser would apparently crash.  I don't recall that there was any specific incident or activity that caused the crash.  I just had the web page up as usual and then eventually I would look over and the web browser would be gone.  I was running 2021.24.11 in the car (US Model 3) at the time.  I repeated the exercise of bringing up the web browser and getting back into ABRP repeatedly, until I finally tired of doing that and only did so a few times as I was approaching the next charging stop so I could check on Supercharger status.  On the return trip I didn't even bother with that.
Type: Web page:  abetterrouteplanner.com/lite as instructed by the full site when I first brought up the page.  Eventually I set a bookmark for the lite version an just went directly to that.
Link to Plan: N/A
Replication Steps:
  1. Get into ABRP while on a drive (with a planned route)
  2. Wait about 5-10 minutes (without actively using the site)
  3. Web browser crashes and disappears from the screen.
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Exactly the same issue with firmware 2021.36.5.5. The time needed for the browser to crash seems random. However, once it crashes, I have to reboot the TESLA UI to get back on the website again. If I'm not reseting, the browser load the page indefinitely.



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Good timing on this response.  I just got back from a trip so I had a chance to do some more testing.  I am now on 2021.36.5.3.  ABRP still crashes the web browser, but it does go quite a bit longer now without crashing.  Maybe 20-30 minutes.  But it does eventually crash.

I did not have to reboot the Tesla UI though.  Just pull the browser back up and navigate to ABRP-lite.

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