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Preferred charging networks/operators

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New feature! ABRP now keeps track of charging networks/operators and allows you to prefer one or more of them. This is done by clicking a charger which has an operator and selecting "Prefer...".

The planner will treat preferred chargers as "less costly" than other chargers will therefore more often use them. It is still a soft decision though, so if a non-preferred charger gives a significantly faster plan, it will still be selected.

Let us know hownit works!

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Hi Bo,


No I’m sorry, it still doesn’t remember them when I log-in to abrp again after a day. However it doés remember the ‘do not use this charger’. Tried Safari and Chrome on iPad.


Anything else I can try? 

Edited by Marc O.
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Thanks! I think I found it now looking into your settings. 

The settings are always stored in the browser local storage (like cookies, but not cookies). If you are logged in with an ABRP account they are additionally stored with your account on our server.

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