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TESLA 250 KW (CCS) chargers not shown


I have a Tesla 85D 2015, upgraded with a CCS adapter, Tesla supercharge locations with only 250 Kw (CCS) chargers are not shown in ABRP. 
(Example: Tesla 20 stall CCS chargers in Apeldoorn East, the Netherlands) 
On my Tesla screen the CCS-locations are enabled after the CCS-upgrade.
Please check the CCS option enabled from the car. 
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I don't have a Tesla so it just a guess from my side. But maybe ABRP assumes based on the model choice that this vehicle is not having a CCS socket (I think back then CCS was not available at Tesla?) so it is just not showing CCS only Superchargers? Of course that doesn't really solve the issue. But as temporary workaround maybe you can choose a different model which was delivered with CCS socket.

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