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Navigation stop at one turn and 500m from the target

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After the last update I have a strange issue that happen only sometimes.

While I'm approaching the destination the navigation stops and the whole navigation information are deleted (I mean start, destination, path). The route disappear from the screen, like nothing is planned. This is confusing because I have not yet reached the destination, and I lost all the navigation information while I'm approacing it.

It doesn't happens anytime. For example happens every tome when I was driving to "work" destination. If I was driving to home instead it doesn't happens, when I reach the destination it doesn't stop (annoying either because other nav system stops navigation when you reach the destination while ABRP not and start searching a re-route also if you are at destination).


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I understood why it happen.

If I'm approaching the destination and a stop, for example, at red traffic light, after more or less 3 seconds the navigation reset the plan.

But, if I reach the destination and I don't stop, the navigation stay active and start the replanning immediatly to try to go back to the destination point.

This is why it happen more or less when I reach my working site (I have a cross with traffic light near it and usually I take red) and never when I reach home.

But I think you should find a better way to manage the destination reach, like other nav system. If you look Waze, it stop navigation when you reach the destination point, no matter if you stop at it or not. Stopping the navigation early as you do can create problems, because I lost all the information. If I'm searching my destination because I don't know the area, stopping somewhere close everything making me blind...

The same when I reach it and I don't stop at it. Replanning is frustrating and not needed (I reach it, so now I know where it should be, and if I need a replan I can do by myself).

Hope this help



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