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Apple CarPlay & map jumping around

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I‘ve the same issue when I use ABRP with carplay. I think that is only if you enable realtime traffic rerouting and I think the display jumps everytime to the next traffic jam around the own position…

I hope it will be fixed in the next versions… everytime when a new bugfix version is released I‘m looking for this fix, but…?

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Unfortunately I can only hear the audio track of the video but no pictures. Maybe a bug of the video plugin or whatever of the forum software? Could also be just an issue with my browser, idk, never mind.

But from the post and the reactions on it I'm pretty sure that I know what that video is showing and thank god finally someone is pointing out that issue!? Lacking a passenger to create a video of the problem I didn't report it yet as I couldn't force it to happen and using the phone while driving is no good idea.

So please ABRP team fix this as it doesn't provide any added value. The map just jumps to any position which doesn't help at all because you can't see any hint of a traffic jam or other problems. Also I don't see my route going there. But even if I could see any of that there the time period until it jumps back to my position is way too short to actually notice what is shown there and where it is.

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