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Henrik O

Adaptive Charger Arrival SoC

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Description:  An Minimum Charger Arrival SoC that adapts to the density of chargers

Use Case:  We have often heard of the phenomena range anxiety. Today I would say I have occupancy anxiety. I don't feel afraid that I would not reach the next charger as both the onboard computer and ABR is planning with enough margin. But, I'm always afraid the charge pole(s) will be broken or in use. Therefore I need enough margin to be able to move to another fast charger. In an area with a lot of chargers that is not a big issue and I can set a low Minimum Charger Arrival SoC. But when traveling in neighborhoods with low density of chargers I need to increase the Minimum Charger Arrival SoC so that I'm always certain to be able to reach the next fast charger (avoiding getting stuck on a 11kW AC charger, totally destroying travel time estimation). 

This is very hard for a human to optimize, but for ABR this would be doable. 


/Henrik O


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