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Wishlist for ABR

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Description:  Great job so far and meaby these are already mentioned but here we go.

  1. Be able to plan a trip and prefer only highpower chargers like 100kw+/150kw+/200kw+ and so on.
  2. Be able to also chose a minimum charginstalls at stops or at-least prefer higher count where possible.
  3. Would be great if the (especially) fastchargers could show speed and amount of chargers/stalls already on icon on the map without having to click on the said chargerstation itself. Meaby hovering number above the charger icon like speed / amount  for example  175kw/4
  4. Have a feature that read batterystatus realtime via bluetooth dongles and adjust recommended speed/driving during a trip to be sure one can make it to the destination.

Use Case: This should be very usefull for planing as more and more cars can charge at different and very fast, they meaby want to avoid 50kw and even 100kw chargers if possible. I myself was planing for roadtrip Sweden to Albania (will happen in 2022 instead) and would prefer to use highpower chargers for our ID3 instead of 50Kw even if it meaby means minor detours. The same can be said for the info on amount of chargingstalls at stops, i know i would like that feature during planing and prefer a chargingstop where there are 4 or 8 chargingstalls instead of meaby one there are only 1 or 2.

Thats all for now hope it makes sense.....

BR  Bim

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