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Hi, when I set charging ABRPs Mercedes EQS model (450+ in this case) from 10% to 80%, I get 45 minutes of charging time



InsideEVs OTOH reports, Mercedes claims 31 minutes for the same charge

and Autogefühl has even measured less than 28 minutes or the same charging process, while actually, 4% to 81% took 31 minutes - and 20...80% was done at about 25 minutes.

Please update ABRP's EQS data!

... and while you're at it, why not add the newly (on IAA) introduced EQE? ?



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The 90 kWh, EQS 350+ version is available to be ordered:


90.56 kWh useable capacity, 626 km WLTP range, charge 10 to 80 % SoC in 32 minutes (big battery 450+ and 580: 31 minutes).
My guess is, charging and range figures of 90 kWh EQE will be almost identical to the EQS 350 as it's drag coefficient might be a bit less optimal, front area a little bit smaller though, same guess for tire widths.

ABRP, time to add the EQS 350+ and EQE?

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