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Senator MyBad

Allow Tesla superchargers in planning options for non-tesla cars in the near future.

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Description:  Superchargers should be considered in route for non-tesla vehicles in the near future.

Use Case: Starting from the end of the year the supercharger network will be opened up to non-tesla vehicles in the Netherlands. From earlier experiments with superchargers that were not yet locked down to tesla vehicles almost all CSS cars can charge at these stations if the charge port is close enough to the charger. It appears there are only software locks on the superchargers. A succesfull first opening in the Netherlands could trigger a rollout soon to other EU countries.


If anyone wondering why the Netherlands, its because in NL there has the largest availability of DC fast chargers per capita or EV cars and superchargers are in general not in the most convienient locations compared to other DC fast charge options such as Fastned. Therefore it looks like a reasonable safe test enviroment to open up in NL.

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