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Allow calculation of charge time based on vehicle limited charging rates.

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At present, the charge times are based on the maximum capacity of the EVSE/DCFC, and does not take into account vehicle charging limits.
For example with a AZE0 Nissan Leaf, If a 7kW charge point is selected, the charge time estimate is based on 7kW, rather than either 3kW or 6kW depending.

Similarly, a Leaf can charge at say a 90kW CHAdeMO, but will only charge at something around 30-40Kw ish peak.

This could also be useful for people using a charge rate limiter to prevent rapid gate or excessive degradation in older vehicles.

This could be implemented by a setting in vehicle profiles to set a cap on AC and DCFC, which would apply the maximum of the charge point rating or the vehicle rating automatically.
This wouldn't require much in the way of additional data gathering by simply allowing it as a user input option, rather than based on Make and Model (which would require many more sub-models for various options, etc).

A similar function was available in the old UI for AC charging speed.

Otherwise a big fan of the app!

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