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Different state of charger on tourqe pro and a better route planner


I have the app tourqe pro that integrates car and better rout planner. 

Tourqe pro is correct present state of car charge. 

A better route planner say state of charge 10 percent more. 

This is incorrect as the tourqe pro tallys with car so it must be right. 

How do I get a better rout planer showing correct range. 


Thanks you for any help 

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Depending of the car Torque Pro knows different SOCs: Cockpit SOC, gross SOC, net SOC, ...

Which car do you own? Is it the MG ZS EV? Do you use these OBD PIDs?

There are two different SOCs available for MG ZS EV:

MG Battery State of Charge RAW,"SoC Raw"
MG Battery State of Charge,"SoC"

There is no communication directly on the same device between Torque Pro and ABRP. Communication is only possible via the ABRP web server. You have to make sure that the correct SOC is transmitted from Torque Pro to the ABRP web server, so that ABRP App can receive the correct SOC for range calculation.

I hope this can help you ?


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This seems to be the reason:

MG Battery State of Charge,"SoC","","LOOKUP(1.1*(VAL{MG Battery State of Charge RAW}+VAL{XX_BMS_Version_SoC _Factor})::10~0=0:100~110=100)",0,100,"%","","","",1

I think Torque Pro transfers SOC instead of SOC RAW to the ABRP Webserver: SOC is approximatly 10% higher than SOC RAW.

I would be happy if that is the solution ?

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