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Adding "ZEN / Proviridis" charging network


Can you add this network in your system?
I want to have the possibility to be a favorite network.

Please find below information about this network



CCS station

Deployment ongoing in France (currently 5 open stations)

website : https://z-e-n.fr/ (map not up to date)

Charging station already declared in OCM with this name "ZEN (Zero Emission Network)/PROVIRIDIS"




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Hi @denischti59,

Thank you for the request!

I can see that 5 of their chargers have been added in Open Charge Map. This means that we do have the chargers. However to avoid noise we require a minimum of 10 chargers to consider it a network making it possible to set a preference for the network and their chargers.

I'd recommend making contributions to Open Charge Map for the chargers we're still missing. This would be the quickest option to make them available in ABRP for you.

And / or you can reach out to the network and request they contact us to have their chargers added to ABRP.


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