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Adaptable Zoom factor on Android Auto

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Description:  Allow higher zoom when driving slow. Make it configurable for different speed ranges

Use Case:

On my KIA E-niro the track in ABRP is much more zoomed out as on other navigation solutions. This makes it hard to read.

The tomtom on-board Navi allows setting the zoom factor for several speed ranges. This feature in ABRP would make navigation in cities and driving on curvy roads much easier and would allow adaption to different screen sizes

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Hi @Matttih,

Thank you for the suggestion!

Have you checked if any of the current view mode options would resolve this? When you've planned a route and entered driving mode for navigation, you will (in the iOS / Android app) in the bottom right corner see the 'mode' button (eye icon). If you click this you may select different 'view modes' such as more zoomed out / zoomed in etc.


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on Android I don't see a way to change the Zoom setting. The different views are not what I am referring to.

I am looking for a way to have a higher zoom level of the rotating view. Especially on Android Auto

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