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Data collection in the background

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I love the My Drives feature. Unfortunately, I find that it is often unreliable if ABRP isn't running in the foreground. For example, data is missing when I switch to Google Maps, or even to a media app.


Could it be possible to use a background process (Android Service) to collect the data (location, battery, etc...) so that the ABRP UI doesn't need to be constantly in the foreground? Bobnus points if this is automated so I don't have to trigger it every time I get in the car.



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Hi, I would also like to see that functionality. It is kind of annoying to be forced to have ABRP in the foreground in the Polestar 2 for it to record data. This is both wile driving and while charging. Since there now is the "Journey Log" app available from Polestar, which record data in the background while driving, it must be technically possible? But maybe third party developers are not getting the same access to the car data?

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