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Abrp Android Auto switches units and shows wrong street names

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Android Auto display switches to mph for speed limit display and shows wrong street names.
This is popping up without manual changes. 
Units in ABRP app are set up correctly.
This fixes sometimes automatic after changing streets.
TO fix it manually, the Navi has to be restarted.
rebooting the phone or reconnecting is not fixing the issue.
Type: Android Auto beta 40.0.48 from play store, Kia E-niro Navi, Google Pixel 5
Link to Plan: -
Replication Steps
I did not find a way to trigger this bug.
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The name shown in that instruction is the one of the next turn in 12km and not the one of the current road. However i can not find that street in italy, only in the UK. So are all other street names wrong as well?

What makes you think the speed is mph? That would mean the real speed here is 25km/h (25km/h * 1.6 = 40 mph).

Could you please provide a plan (just calculate a route and click share) that includes the road you were on with the current position so we can check what speed limits we get from openstreetmap?

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My assumption that it could be miles is that 40mph are around 70kmh (40*1.6) which sounded a reasonable speed limitation.

What really puzzles me are the wrong street names.

The route we used/ planned was Venice(Italy) to passau (Germany).

I attached a better image where street names are visible. This was taken some time before.

Location where the picture is taken was:

45.81806° N, 13.02392° E





Openstreetmap shows here 130km/h. ABRP 48.


It seems as the forum is reducing image quality, so here is a link in original resolution:



coordinates of the other photo: 48,0801706, 14,0195997


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