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64km, 2 ferries and 96 minutes instead of 28km on road and 24 minutes

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Description: This route is absolutely insane. It wants me to travel more than twice as far and use two different ferries, and it's not like the detour is needed for charging or anything - even with this insanely long route, the car is expected to arrive with 88% battery.GNBYPf4.png
Now this is the proper route that should be taken. just a bit shorter and faster.
Type: Web
Replication Steps:
Try to plot a route from Svedmyra (Enskede) to Hemmesta (Värmdö), both in Stockholm, Sweden
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1 hour ago, Samuel-ABRP said:


I just tried it and it proposes both routes to me (live traffic enabled):

If I disable live traffic, it only shows the faster route. Maybe there was an accident or a closed road somewhere along that route. Could you please try again?

I didn't have advanced settings turned on at all, but tried setting it and...

However, I did notice that replanning a few times changed it, and replanning a few more changed it back, so it seems to choose one randomly.

EDIT: Tried setting it to avoid ferries, hoping to make it always take the better route, at which point I got "no possible route" twice followed by the proper route on the third attempt.

I don't actually have an EV yet, I'm using the tool to figure out what owning one would mean for the type of drives I want to make, making sure that charging isn't gonna be a deal-breaker, so I don't set anything to check for current conditions.

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We have seen this issue a couple of times this summer; due to the renovation of Skurubron, the OpenStreetMap data has been wrong/broken so that routing via it has appeared impossible. This has been resolved in the latest version of our maps it seems (we update every Sunday for non-realtime-traffic). 

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