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Real world range comparison. E-Tron 55 Sportback vs Jaguar I-Pace vs VW ID.4

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will love to hear what real world range you get for above vehicles and what charging time you take at public chargers.


for context, i am in the market for an electric SUV and the three are under consideration.  i drive 800 miles a week, twice a month and do 300+  miles driving holidays twice a year.

i have ruled out Tesla and could consider E-Nero, Ioniq 5 and Skoda, but for now, the above are on my shortlist.


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Hi @coolshades,

If you're asking us (and not the people owning said vehicles), all of the vehicles mentioned still has the alpha label, thus we unfortunately don't yet have that much real world data on them. However I can recommend to check out our car comparison to see how the different models compare for driving vs charging time: 



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I typically drive about 85mph in my commutes to a city that is about 35mi from my home. It's where all the shopping and medical is since I live in a very rural town. When I take that Interstate Hwy route that is higher speeds I burn through the capacity of the battery pretty quickly. I'll start out sometimes at a 90% charge or sometimes at a 80% charge. At 90% lets say (and it's summer now so ideal temps) It will drop from it's start of about 246mi down to 179mi on the GOM display in only ONE direction which seems a bit excessive, but I guess that's the penalty of driving fast. It will seem to give me about a 2.8 in the efficiency rating. If I take an alternate route home which I typically do will render a 3.2 efficiency rating as it's at 60mph instead of the 85mph, so speed sure does make a difference. This is a total distance involved out and back of about 64miles. I have not yet use a DCFC. I charge exclusively with my Level 2 Clipper Creek 50P which is a 40amp 9.6kw EVSE mounted on my garage wall and plugged into a NEMA-1450 outlet with a 50amp fuse breaker installed. I may or may not be taking a micro vacation end of September which would give me a 6.5hour drive one way. According to the ABRP I've checked out there would only need be about 2 stops to complete the journey safely. I limit my SoC upon arrival to stops as well as the end at 30%, I'm not a real risk taker nor feel the desire to have ANY stress in the travel process. Besides it's better for the battery health. I set the ABRP up with a beginning charge of 80%. The one thing I decided to do since I'm very conservative in figuring on what mileage the ID.4 will get, is set it to indicate it's estimated usage at 200mi. This will aid in the accounting of mountains, speeds and other aspects. Once again taking the very conservative approach, which is certainly safe. I am by NO means the roadwarrior daredevils to be found on Youtube that take their cars down to the last 2% which most of us already know is not good for the battery. Oh well. That's about all I can tell you at this time. 

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