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Hi @Wolfgang,

In the English translation these are 'use exclusively' and 'use exclusively and prefer'. The way these works are that you may set the 'exclusive' preference for a group of networks and within this group have the 'use exclusively and prefer' for one / some to have them preferred within the group.

It sounds like this could be translated better, let me know if you have a suggestion for an improvement.


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Hi @Katya-ABRP,

thank You for anwering. The translation is ok so far. So 'use exclusively and prefer‚ is for preferring a local station of the network? Because if I give the whole network a 'use exclusively and prefer‘ in routing there seems to be no difference to ‚use exclusively‘. So maybe it should only be possible for a station and not for a network.


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Hi @Wolfgang,

It is currently not possible to set a preference for an individual charger, you may only set preferences for entire networks and all the chargers belonging to the preferred (or excluded) network. You may however choose to exclude individual chargers.

Giving a network a preference might not make a difference for the plan if the preferred network doesn't have any available chargers along the route.

Here's a summary of the options:

Use exclusively and prefer
You can select several networks to be used exclusively, but add additional preference for some of them within the exclusively used group.

Use exclusively
Excludes all other networks, only the ones with this preference will be used in planning.

Networks with this preference will be preferred if possible over networks with no preference.

Don’t care
Neutral, no preference whatsoever.

Never use this network
Networks with this preference will be entirely excluded from planning.

Please note: If you set any of the top exclusive levels of preference for networks, we will not consider any of the networks that have the 'prefer' level set. They are excluded, as only the networks with 'exclusive' will be considered.


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