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ABRP planned a route with my US e-Golf stopping at a Tesla Supercharger

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Hello folks,

I'm not sure if this lies in bug report territory or if there's something I'm doing wrong. I reset all my settings back to default and planned a route with my US-market e-Golf in the US. It planned a stop at a Tesla SC, very confusing. I went to the charger settings and saw it had Tesla listed there (alone) and opened it up to select CCS and L2 which were the only options in the popup. It still selected the same Tesla SC when I replanned. It's only showing Tesla SCs on the map also. Snip attached. Anyone know what's up?



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If you played around and selected a Tesla before, it could happen that for some reason the charger config is confused. Please go to your charger settings and check which plugs are selected. Try unselecting and reselecting CCS (in that order) and see if that helps to only use CCS and show the correct chargers on the map.

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