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Martin iX3

Newby question - iX3

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Just activated the trial version. planning to use it in the iX3 next week driving from Netherlands to Austria.

I have been looking at ABRB last couple of weeks, with some drives to Germany etc.

I noticed that my consumption is consistently lower than what the iX3 Alpha setting in ABRP is set to. I found how I can manually change that.

Now, my question: Next week I will have ABRB running with CarPlay. 

- Is it correct that ABRP can NOT read the actual SOC and range from the BMW iX3?

- Is there a way to make 'manual' adjustment of SOC while driving, and get optimized routing is a result?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @Martin iX3,

The default value for reference consumption is intentionally a bit pessimistic. We add roughly 10% to the calculated value just to keep users who do not use live data on the safe side of our predictions. This can of course be manually adjusted to better suit you.

We cannot read live SoC (or any other data) from the car unless you've linked the car. I can see we've missed to enable the live data option 'Tronity' for the iX3 and we've now had this corrected. This is currently the only option for ABRP to obtain live SoC from the BMW iX3. For all currently supported models and live data options please see: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata

Yes, in driving mode in the Android / iOS app, you may select the view mode 'simple'. This will show the current vs projected arrival SoC at next stop along a bar with a gradient from red to green. At the ends of this bar you will see -/+ buttons which lets you adjust the current SoC whilst still having navigation /driving mode still active.


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Yeah, but you have to keep in mind that TRONITY only gives update about your SOC at stops and when the car is shutdown. 

At their website you can get a trial for 14 days and try it out. You will have to link the car and you will get at your start of your drive a SOC. They say that Bmw put this limitation in their software!


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