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Description:  Indicate if I'm above or under the projected consumption. + Show charger provider.

Use Case: After using ABRP on my phone I tried the app on my Ioniq but it's simply no good. Does not work. How ever the Android Auto app works perfect. Very cool, awesome progress!   I have no clue how the road map looks for android auto so bear with me... 

It would be very useful to know if you I more or less energy then the projection. I can se actual SOC and SOC at arrival and that sort of does that but would be fun to know by how much I'm off the projection. Maybe by Color of the SOC% number gradient from green to red?!  In the phone app(and the rare occantions the ioniq app would work) I can se the curve very clear.

I would also want to know which charger I'm aiming for. I can se the circle with 350kW and what I assume is number of stalls and their occupation status. I would also want to know which provider it is. Specially when going abroad it would make sense knowing this.

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Hi @Superhero,

Excellent to hear that you're enjoying ABRP ?

To clarify, Android Auto (or CarPlay for iOS users) is how we currently intend ABRP to be run in your car (as long as these options are supported).

In the iOS / Android app we offer two modes to display the projected SoC vs current; 'detailed' and 'simple'. 'Simple mode' is essentially a bar with a gradient from red to green with markers for your current and projected arrival SoC at the next stop.

We would absolutely bring as much functionality as possible into the Android Auto and CarPlay versions, including things like these. However Apple and Google do have restrictions and templates we do need to follow (basically to prevent distractions while driving and to make stick to their preferred layout). This makes it harder to do things exactly as we'd like and the graph / simple mode is a feature which is more difficult to fit into their devised layout. But it doesn't mean we won't try.

As for displaying information about chargers in Android Auto / CarPlay, we also have to be rather concise. The number of segments the circle consists of are meant to represent the number of stalls and the color their status. The simplest way to display the provider / network would be to display their logo. Currently we have added logos for some of the larger networks which are displayed instead of the bolt in the charger pin on the map / charger info. We are working on having more logos added.


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