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On 12/13/2018 at 3:30 PM, Jason (ABRP) said:

How did our prediction do on the cold and wet? That's probably the weakest point of our dataset, since I added the model in Summer we have very little cold weather data analysis done yet.

Now that I learned o use ABRP a bit better, I conclude that it is too optimistic.

My settings:
Car: Opel Ampera-e
Reference Consumption: 181 Wh/km at 110 km/h
Reference speed: 100% (What does this mean???)
max speed: 115 km/h   (this is the max speed I drove, is this the way to set that?)
start depart charge: 96%
charger arrival: 20%
goal arrival: 20%
outside temp: 3 C
wind: 0 m/2
road conditions: dry
extra weight 0
batter degradation: 0

For comparison I checked on leg of the trip. I added the fast charger were I did charge as a way point. According to the planner I should have arrived with 36% SOC left with 195 Wh/km, however when I arrived I only had 31% left. The distance I drove was 186 km. Thus my efficiency was 60 kWh * (96% - 31%) / 186 km = 120.9 Wh/km

Maybe one of the factors are the tires, I have winter tires, and they probably have a higher rolling resistance. But I have no idea if that can explain the difference.

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