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Bjørn Hildgaard Andersen

Annoying behavior using waypoints


Planning a rute from A to B
Lets say that you dont want the suggested rute from A to B. But want to drive a detour, using a waypoint (wp).
This waypoint could be a city, but when typing a city as a waypoint, ABRP guides you to the center of that city selected as waypoint, rather than the fastest rute from A - wp - B.
So you have to use the map and select the exact spot you wanna use as waypoint. But if you dont know the city, this sometimes can be diffucult. Furter more, the waypoint cant be edited/moved if you have selected the wrong spot. It has to be deleted and selected again.
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Hi @Bjørn Hildgaard Andersen,

If simply entering the city name, yes we'll guide you to the approximated center of that city. If you prefer a different location in the city you will have to either drop a custom marker or provide a more exact address.

The added waypoint can be edited while you're still in planning mode. You can do this by clicking the text field and edit the text. If the plan has already been created, please go 'back' into planning mode to edit the waypoints.


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