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Ability to mark chargers as bad description, not working, or non-existent

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Description:  Mark state of current charger, and this should update to all the providers, and take into account in the app if not usable.

Use Case: I am doing a trip of 2800km from Germany to Huelva, Spain, and several times the charger I am taken to is not working, still has not been activated, broken, etc, and once there can see the comments on Plugshare & Chargemaps, etc, but if could mark from ABRP then hopefully that would update all other services (big job I know!), and at the very least find the nearest alternative charger - at the moment the app assumes you have charged and onto the next (faraway) charger, so have to stop the trip, lookup with other app, use Google maps to get there, then restart ABRP with new position and charge level…

JM2c ?



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Hi @Fredflinston,

That is an excellent idea and something we would like to implement!
Currently we do rely mostly on integrations with databases where we can get live status updates for chargers. But the fastest update we can get is after all sometimes from a user who's passed by. For the chargers where we still have not found a way to get live status information and for the cases where the live status may be incorrect this is certainly the best solution.

Aside from the ability to comment the status or efficiency, are there any other things you'd like to see/have the ability to do?


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We should be able to flag incorrect speeds. I don’t know your data source for Spain but it looks sabotajed to benefit EndesaX network. Their 50kW chargers have been altered to 200kW and many charge sites from Iberdrola which really had 150kW chargers, have been deleted. You can see it in Electromaps.com or openchargemap.org

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