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Charging locations Turkey

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Planning my first long EV trip to locations without Tesla charger.

Was working with ABRP to plan my trip. But I realized that not all charging location are covered in ABRP. I did several comparison with different pages.

For example plugshare.com shows more charging locations the on ABRP. Also charging pages form local company are showing more charger then on ABRP. Here some names of local charging company’s

ZES: https://zes.net/en/

Esarj: https://esarj.com/en/map

Gersan: http://www.g-charge.com.tr/Map.Aspx

Sharz: https://www.sharz.net/en/where-are-we/

Voltrun: https://www.voltrun.com/en/

I was am wondering which charging map you use as data source and if you could have a look in to this. I am considering to buy a premium subscription if the data coverage is sufficient.

Thanks you for you feedback.

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Hi @Tayfun,

Please excuse the delayed reply!

Around the date you reported this we had issues with the import of chargers from Open Charge Map, which is what I'd believe caused these chargers to be missing. This has since been resolved and the missing chargers should now be available in ABRP again.

Should there be any remaining issues, please tag me and let me know!


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