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2018 Model 3 vs. 2021 Model Y RANGE CALCULATION


Hi Group,

I have run the ABRP planning for both of the above cars.  Both are LR AWD versions.

The route is from Fort Worth Texas to Springfield Missouri.

There's one leg of the route between superchargers that is 200 miles long, and ABRP recommends a 90% charge at the start (for the Model 3) to have a 10% charge at the end.

Initial run of ABRP for the Model Y recommended a 95% charge to retain 10% at the end.  After subscribing to the forum, the Model Y route

is broken into two with a middle stop.  So regardless, the Model Y is predicting a shorter range.

Now that makes no sense.  The 2018 Model 3 started out with a stated range of 305 miles.  It never did see any boost in range when some of the updates claimed that.

It now will fully charge to around 290 miles.  The Model Y, which is only a few months old is rated at 326 miles.

My question is, how does ABRP go about calculating the range of the two models?

Thanks for your help,



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Hi @niteman1946,

For any vehicle not using live data / calibrated reference consumption, we make the route calculations using the default reference consumption (unless this value is manually adjusted). The default value does contain some added margin just to keep users who do not use live data, on the safe side of our calculations. However, results may therefore be rather pessimistic.

Planning results will (roughly described) depend on things like: reference consumption, settings for weather and speed (alternatively the live reported weather and traffic speeds, these are premium features), as well as settings for chargers such as minimum arrival SoC. All of this is taken into account when we predict your actual range for the specific route but also where we choose to stop and charge if needed (according to your settings).

Should you have any further questions please tag me and let me know! It would also then be very helpful if you could link the plan(s) which your question concerns.


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