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ABRP not showing changing points in Costa Rica (LATAM)



I have an issue: When I try to calculate a route in Costa Rica, ABRP shows "no valid plan found". Last week it was all 0k. ABRP does not show any charger on the map.

All chargers are shown in Open Charge Map (Ex:  Peaje Pozón OCM-135272) but not in ABRP.

What could be the problem?

Screenshot from 2021-08-11 14-06-16.png

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Hi @valarauco,

Please excuse the delayed reply!

Around the date you reported this we had issues with the import of chargers from Open Charge Map. This has since been resolved and the missing chargers should now be available in ABRP again.

Should there be any remaining issues, please tag me and let me know!


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