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identify issues with a route

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On the planned route, the path is highlighted Blue.

I think it could be useful to highlight the line different colors...such as pink could be "missing speed limit data". (could be any color).  That way, at first glance a person can spot areas where the plan might be falling very far from what they will get.

+ it might help to encourage crowd sourcing in Open Street Map to fix the unknowns.

Use Case: How often depends on the route.  I'd say any time a route gets off major highways.  I currently have a route I'm planning.  A separate conversation on the forum currently under problems, if you'd like to reference.  A route form Jacksonville, FL to Wilmington NC.  It is routing me North bound on I-95 then through Charleston and Myrtle Beach SC.  It might make sense but is suspicious.  After clicking on most of the route segments after it has me leaving the Interstate highway, it says speed limit data not available and has me driving as very high speeds...71mph in a 35 mph zone for example, right thorough little towns

It would be good to have something to flag me to at least double check and don't trust it blindly.  Missing speed limit is one key variable.  There are very likely others that I'm not thinking of.


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Hi @Skyhawk,

Thank you for the suggestion! 

I absolutely agree with you, the more information we can provide whilst still displaying it in a simplified overview, the better. I'd say that to have the segments with 'suspicious' or guessed speed limits displayed in the "standard" route line version might be a bit much with both traffic data / decreased speed added into the mix. But it could very well be an alternate view of the route for those wanting to review the plan quickly. (or as you mention look for segments that may need completion in OSM).

I've had your suggestion noted so that we can look into it for future development.


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My thinking is from the perspective of planning, not necessarily live while enroute.  Yes I can see where that might get a little hard to do


either way that missing information could be make or break regarding which route a driver chooses!...and it's certainly not realistic to click on every route segment to confirm speed limit vs planned speed.

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